See what just a few of our satisfied customers have to say about Pistol Petes!

"Hello Chris. I have Ordered MANY Pistol Pete Flies from your Company. Here In Oregon, I use them in the Lakes and Reservoirs. They are DEADLY!  Holy Smokes, other Fisherman have Hounded me trying to find out what I am using. For the Select Few that I Take Pity on, I show them. I would think you are getting alot of orders from Oregon ..LOL 
Anyway, I am Sold on Catching Big Trout and Steelhead on these Pistol Pete's. I hope to get a camera that can download my photos.
I am known as, 'The Trophy Trout King'! LOl"
-Dan H. Satisfied Customer!
"P.S.  These Pistol Pete's Are better then Boobs!!!  (Not really, but Close!!!)"
"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I love the Pistol Pete.  I have always been the guy who never NEVER catches fish while everyone around him does.  I will do the usual "hey, what are you using?" and then try to duplicate what they are doing and yet still catch no fish.  I was out buying lures for a fishing trip I was on with the kids and I ran across a gentleman who told me about this thing called "Pistol Pete".  For the very first time in my life, I have people yelling across the shore to me "hey, what are you using?"  what a feeling it is to actually be catching fish.  I use this crazy lure everywhere I go.  No, it is not 100% successful but let me tell you it has changed my fishing game completely.  I tell everyone about it, and I have been thanked many times for the fishing tip.  In fact I should send you some videos sometime.  Thank you very much!"   Mark
"Love, Love, Love these flies...they are all I have fished for over 10 years...always catching fish. My kids are now extremely good are reading pools and dropping these in over rocks, also doing excellent each time we fish our local creeks. We spin with them just as they are...no other weight on the line with 2 or 4 lb test. Works the best for are small Arizona creeks. Just caught a 20+ inch brown on Chevelon with a Grey #10. My boy, testing his new rod/reel caught a 13" rainbow on his first cast...3 more fish in 20 minutes fishing a 50 foot section of Tonto creek...Great product!! Thanks and happy fishing to you."     David
"These Pistol Pet(e) Flies are Deadly! I use them and--Nothing Else! I have a New Computer so I should be Able to start Posting Photos. I am Known as The Trophy Trout King and Pistol Pete's have Skyrocketd Me to the Highest Level of Finned Carnage!!! 21 Trophy Trout-Brood Trout and Steelhead this Year--Not Counting the Many Hundreds of Smaller Fish. These Pistol Pete's will--CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!"     Dan T.
"Hello, I've placed several orders with you in the past weeks and I love the flies
(great on Steelhead in Michigan). I have a few pictures from last week. 
One is a steelhead and the other is an Atlantic Salmon."     Jason D.


                                                                              "I landed 24 rainbows using only Pistol Petes today in Boulder City, Nevada:
                                                                              Love ‘em!
                                                                                                                                                       These three came home for dinner!  :-)          

                                                                              My favorites are: Black Tiger #10, Red #10, Last Supper #10 and Egg Sucking Pete
                                                                              #10.   In the #6 sizes : Olive, Brown & Black Panther.
                                                                              In three days of fishing Veterans Memorial Pond in Boulder City, NV, I landed

                                                                              104 rainbow trout total! Monday 24, Tuesday 24 & Thursday 56.  And many many
                                                                              more that jumped off at the bank.Everyone always yells over to me, WHAT ARE
YOU USING!? I usually just say a bubble and a black fly, but I want everyone to
know about your flies. One day this week I set up a guy next to me that was                                                                                             getting zero bites. After he rigged up the bubble and Pistol Pete I gave him, he                                                                                        hooked up on the very first cast!! Then continued to catch fish the rest of the                                                                                        afternoon. I also helped another older man with a Pistol Pete set up. He was very                                                                                 thankful as he too started catching fish.
These lures work!!

Thank you!
Tony S.
Las Vegas, NV

(Photo attached: Red #10 destroyed - before/after shot)   ...and it
STILL caught a fish in that end condition.  Amazing."

[This is what Jim had to say when we processed his order immediately after he placed it] :
"Can't you people ship any faster than this?  I placed the order roughly an hour ago. 8^)
Thanks for the great and rapid service.  Pistol Petes are really driving the trout crazy right now in NM."
Jim B.



David caught this brown trout on the East Fork of the Black River with the Ugly #10!
Caught May 3rd at Lake Maloya near Raton, NM using a Black Panther #6. 27 inches 8 lbs.
Bob caught this one at the Antero Reservoir in Colorado! - 2018 -
"I used nothing but Pistol Pete’s in a 5 day fishing trip to Red River, NM. I a caught 92 trout including this one. I caught him using a purple Pistol Pete at Shuree Ponds. I was most successful with Chartreuse." - Jeff M. - 2018 -
"Just wanted to say how lucky I am to have found your product. We have been bank fishing on Hagg lake here in Oregon for a little over a year. Sad to say never had a bite. We ended up buying some kayaks and still the luck didn't change. I've fished all over this country for bass, catfish, trout and salmon in Alaska. Hagg was just a tough nut for me to crack. That's where the Pistol Pete comes in. First time out with the black and silver landed a small, but nice trout. It's not so much the fish,(even though I'm am beyond excited), it was how hard the fish hit the lure. Even with large mouth I've never seen a fish hit the way this one did. So thank you for making such a amazing product and the videos to help show how to best use them. In this day of main stream quantity over quality, it's nice to see a company who still care about their customers."

Scott says that he never leaves home without the Olive Pistol Petes! - 2018 -
"This is a picture of a Chartreuse Pistol Pete working it's magic up in Red Feather on a nice size rainbow. Caught by Jessica R. on September 24th. Love the Pistols. Thanks"
Tim R.

"I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I have been using the Olive #6 for a few years now. It is quite literally the only lure I use. Same set up each time, and I have never been skunked. I learned early on that this product gives me huge success when fishing. 9/10 I limit out and release many more. I also learned that I have to stock up on several packages of Pistol Pete's #6 olive. I always have people come up to me to find out what I am using. They always tell me how they have been there all day and caught nothing. I would say in the last 3 years, I have given away over 100 #6 olives. I have 4 of my security guards at work using the flies now too. I always tell them that they need to have extra, and share the love. I just wanted to share with you how much I love this fly and the great success it has brought me, and many I have come in contact with."
- Michael K.


Jacob cought these at Jefferson Lake in Colorado! - 2018 -


"Angry chum on the Talkeetna River. A small Pistol Pete in White or Chartreuse has become my go-to fly for new water anywhere in North America."

- Alan
- 2018 -